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Q: What are your hours of operation? 

A: RCLC is open for business Mon-Fri 6:00 am – 5:30 pm year-round (except for the following days:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day).  RCLC will close on “snow days” only when other area businesses close.  Announcements concerning weather related closings can be heard on WRPN 1600 AM.

Q: Do you offer Drop-In Care?

 A: RCLC does not offer drop-in care or accommodate varying weekly schedules.  Our programs, pricing, and staffing are enrollment-based on set schedules.

 Q: What attendance options are available for my child?

A: Available options include:

1.    Full time M-Fs: Weekly rates are discounted and equal 4 times the daily rate charge.  In addition to this rate reduction, children enrolled full-time, year-round receive a credit each month which amounts to 3 weeks of tuition charges over the course of one year to account for vacation days or absences.

2.    Selected full days each week* (We can sometimes fill one spot with one or more part-time children so the scheduled days and hours of attendance must be the same each week.

3.    Selected half-days*: Half-day windows are from either 6AM to 12:00PM, which includes breakfast and lunch; or, from 11:30AM to 5:30PM which includes lunch, nap-time, and an afternoon snack.)

4.    Selected full and half-day combinations*.  (Again, the days and hours of attendance must be the same each week.)  Prices are the aggregate of the half-day + full day charges.


·       School-age children are offered three options at contracted rates during the school year:  Before School Only (Mondays through Fridays); After School Only (Mondays through Fridays); or Before and After School (Mondays through Fridays).  Additional charges apply for days when schools are closed, delayed, or when released early.

.       Part-time enrollment for all other age groups is only available if our full-time spots are not filled in each classroom.  If a potential client requests a full-time spot, current part-time clients may be offered full-time enrollment in order to remain enrolled.  If the existing part-time client declines to take the full-time spot, they will be given a two-week notice to arrange for other part-time care.

·       We assess an extended day charge of $3.00 for each day a child is in attendance for more than 10 hours. 

·       RCLC does not offer drop-in care. 

·       To cover operating costs and provide adequate staffing, clients are billed on scheduled attendance whether the child attends or not. 

·       Late pick-up, and late payment fees are assessed

Q: What payment options are available?

A: Clients are encouraged to enroll in Tuition Express, an automatic payment process where tuition charges are withdrawn directly from your designated checking or savings account. 
Those enrolled in Tuition Express receive a 2% discount on published tuition rates.  Clients who elect to pay weekly by check or money order do not receive this discount.  RCLC does not currently accept payment by credit or debit card.

Q: Do you accept Wisconsin Shares (WS) Tuition Assistance?  

 A: Yes, with the additional co-payment from the parent that is most often required to equal our published tuition rates.  The parent is responsible for the difference between the provider price and the subsidy amount.  See http://www.fdlco.wi.gov/Index.aspx?page=321 to determine if you may be eligible for WS tuition assistance.

 Q: Do you offer any discounts for multiple children from one family?

A: We offer a 15% family discount to the oldest of 2 or more children enrolled in a full-time program at RCLC.  Please note that there must be at least two children enrolled full-time for a family to be eligible for the discount.  For example, children enrolled in daily rate, half-day rate, or the school-age programs would not count towards the family discount eligibility.

Q: How do you handle vacations (and illnesses)…i.e. if we were to take a family vacation for a week, would we be required to pay for that entire week for two children not in attendance?

 A: Families with children enrolled at RCLC pay the contracted weekly rates while enrolled.  Children enrolled full-time, year-round, earn a vacation/absence credit each month which is posted to the account ledger following each month of full-time tuition charges and payments.  This credit equates to 1.25 days per month, or 15 vacation/absence days per year (in other words, three weeks of tuition charges), for full-time children.  (School age children and part-time children do not receive this credit). 

Q: If I take my children out for the summer, can I guarantee a spot for him/her when school starts in the fall?

 A: Families that take from 6-8 consecutive weeks off (e.g. maternity leave, school teachers, and seasonal employees) may hold a spot for their child(ren) if a weekly holding fee (from $20.00 to $50.00 per week depending on age group) is paid for the 6-8 week period of absence.  If withdrawal less than or greater than the 6-8 week period, we do not offer holding fees to guarantee spots in our programs and re-enrollment will be as space is available.  Re-registration fees apply to re-enroll.

Q:  Do you offer Pre-Kindergarten programs?

A:  Yes.  RCLC offers year-round full-day or half-day pre-school programs for our 2 Year-olds, our 2 1/2 to early 3 Year-olds, our 3 Year-olds, and our 4-5 Year-old groups. 
In addition, the Ripon School District operates one of four sites offering free 4 Year-Old Preschool (4PS) half-day programs at our center during the school year.  We provide the space and an assistant teacher to help implement the school district curriculum.  Up to 20 children per class attend either the morning session from 8:15AM – 11:00AM (9:15AM – 11:00AM on “Late Start” Wednesdays); or the afternoon session from 12:30PM – 3:00PM.  We offer fee-based ‘wrap-around care’ for those children who need care before and/or after the school district 4PS program.

Q: Do you offer school-age care before or after school? During summer?

A:  Yes.  RCLC offers before and/or after school care and summer programs for children up to age 12 who attend elementary school.  These services are based on contracted rates for scheduled care.  Again, RCLC does not offer drop-in care.  Care for days when schools are closed must be scheduled in advance and full day (or full week) rates apply.

Q: Is busing to and from Ripon Elementary Schools available to RCLC clients?

A:  Yes.  Busing to and from Barlow Park Elementary School (serving grades K-2), and to and from Murray Park Elementary School (serving grades 3-5) is available during the school year and when summer school is in session.  Our teachers escort children to their buses in the mornings and meet the buses at RCLC on arrival after school.

Q:  Does the center provide diapers, meals and snacks?

A:  The center does not provide diapers.  Included in the published tuition fees are nutritious meals and snacks that meet or exceed USDA guidelines for the Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) for each age group served. 

Q: Do you have a waiting list? 

 We sometimes have a waiting list of clients who wish to enroll when space becomes available for a particular age group.  If so, space is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, giving priority to full-time children.

Q:  Are there Registration fees or deposit requirements?

A:  Yes.  We charge a $25.00 registration fee per child upon enrollment (or re-enrollment for children who previously withdrew from a program at RCLC); and require a deposit equal to two weeks' tuition for each child by the first day of enrollment.

Q:  Can I schedule a tour of the Ripon Children’s Learning Center facility?

 Yes!  We would be pleased to give you a tour of the facility, and will be happy to schedule a date and time for a personal tour during our normal operating hours.